Amitofo Care Centre (ACC)is an international Humanitarian non-profit organization.

The first Buddhist Care and education centre in Africa.

Mission and unique characteristics of ACC are based on local African culture,Chinese culture and Buddhist compassion philosophy to foster thousands of vulnerable orphans indeed.


The Buddhist compassion philosophy has extended from Malawi to Lesotho to Swaziland to Namibia and elsewhere... to adopt, to take care of orphans, to build school, to nurture Community Based Organizations(CBOs), to open vocational training centers and to revive local African culture.



Create Living communities for orphans in Africa, which will serve as family units and educational institution.


Safe and caring education for every child, every day.



Creating a community in which children can be educated;


Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with surrounding villages and local communities in order to preserve indigenous African culture;


Activities must always be conducted with honesty and responsibility


Demonstrate personal and institutional accountability. Provide for each child's education. Ethical conduct will be adhered to, as will mandates, policites, and procedures;


Promote a community, which knows the value of people and cultures; through the practice of Buddhism.


Delivering Compassion and loving kindness philosophy to all.