Founder-Venerable Master Huili

Compassion For All Human Beings


A Malawian woman used her frail hands to wash poisoned seeds to eat.Seeing this, venerable Master Huili shouted and said,"those are poison".
The woman sighed, "I know those seeds are poison. But if I don't have them, I would stuff to death."


Venerable Master huili Stunned by her words, walked with the woman back to the village in which lived many malnourished individual, elderly people, and orphans.This encounter led Venerable Master huili to vow to establish orphanages in
Africa to take care of thousands of children suffering from hunger, poverty and


In the true spirit of Buddhism, Compassion for all human beings, Venerable Master Huili strives to bring love, compassion and care to the orphans by providing them with warm homes and education. This has gained support and praise by a number of African political and civic leaders, First Ladies, and tribal chiefs.