ACC takes a concept of human being as aroot to form children villages which focus on family values. We live the different age children in a house, a family which there are 20 children live with 2 local nannies and 1 child-care teacher who are responsible for managing the house, taking care of them and always staying with them.


ACC kids always say, ‘ I have a dad, Master is my new father. Nanny is my new mom. I thank ACC very much.’ Obviously, the foster system of ACC has made kids regain confidence and warmth of family. Furthermore, children could learn how to take responsibility and obligation through group livelihood.


ACC not only provides children with abundant food and comfortable environment to keep them in good physical situation, but also stresses on their education. Consequently, ACC sets up Yuan Tong school in accordance with local African education system combines with Chinese and Buddhist teachings. We believe children will be able to carry on African culture, at the same time, absorb Chinese culture and wisdom of Buddhism. That will make children sound in body and mind.


ACC does look forward to growing these children up healthily and strong and be independent. Thus they would be the seedlings to make kindness cycles to come off suffering of poverty, disease in Africa. It’s only a long-range program of education can change mind, change the world. Surely, escape suffering and attain happiness, benefit ourselves and others.


Present and Future
Where African orphans are,
ACC will be there.

At present the Head Quarters of ACC, the Amitofo Charity Association, ACA in short, is located in South Africa. It overall plans operation and management for all ACCs in every African country.


Malawi ACC started adopting orphans in 2004.

Lesotho ACC began taking care of children in 2010.

Swaziland ACC opened in 2011 and lately in November 2015 ACC Namibia.

There’re over 8000 orphans including our children and CBO ones, benefit by our ACC's software and hardware.

Every ACC comprises administration centers, houses, dormitories, Yung Tong secondary schools and primary schools, preschools, libraries, activity centers, religious centers, medical centers and vocational training centers, etc.


In addition to have a foothold on those 4 countries, ACC is looking forward to opening new centres in other countries of Africa. Mozambique ACC broke ground in 2012 ; meanwhile the second ACC in Malawi has begun the project in November 2014; along with South Africa ACC to be expected in 2016. At the same time, we also set up offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Australia ,and the United States of America etc. to facilitate our support and donations program.


We use wisdom of Buddhism and mundane phenomena to develop ACC which integrates western culture with eastern culture. We will take this kind of mode and experience to copy ACC to 54 countries in Africa. Look forward to every child from ACC will inherit essential African culture and wisdom to become the new generation with gratitude and understanding cause and effect. Desert could change to oasis, hardship and suffering could gradually turn into pure land.